Angela Shelton: Nudist Child and Sexual Abuse on the Ricki Lake Show

Guest Blog Angela Shelton by: Paulette LaRoche
Angela Shelton – growing up as a nudist kid:
The April 10, 2013 episode of Ricki (The New Ricki Lake Show), titled, Stolen Childhoods, featured a woman named Angela Shelton. She was there discussing her 2004 documentary Searching For Angela Shelton. The film’s main issue is sexual abuse, inspired by her own abuse as a child, allegedly from her father and stepmother.
She begins her story on beachsexphoto , and among the first things she says is, (this is not verbatim, incidentally, but close enough.) We were that normal, perfect family with the white picket fence and we also went to nudist resorts.
Angela continues with her narrative, and I never heard naturist resorts mentioned again. I even found another post that says her father told her, I made stupid errors about the nudist colony and running around with your clothing off
Nevertheless, despite the fact that there was never any link specifically made between naturismand molestation, her accidental opinion in her introduction greatly implied that there is a definite one.
Angela Shelton, celebrity who grew up as a nudist
I was so furious when I heard Angela say that to Ricki! I thought it was entirely irresponsible and misleading. As if ALL kids who go to nudist resorts are automatic targets of sexual abuse. There is a huge difference between a family-friendly naturist resort and an orgy!
One is a spot where adults go to have sex. The other is a spot for people of ages to enjoy leisurely tasks while bare. A awfully misguided idea is that nudity is purely sexual. When a little child tears off his or her diaper and exclaims, I am nakey, it is never for any sexual intent. It is because it’s natural. They haven’t been taught that it is bad or black to be nude. I believe this healthy attitude shouldn’t be stomped on. That is part of what results in body shame and phobia.
What Angela Shelton has done to help others, and to get for herself, is commendable indeed. I may also understand how her private views of naturism and nudist resorts would be a negative one. Particularly if it were directly linked to her abuse.
But to suggest the two are automatically linked is what I ‘ve an problem with. A kid is no more likely to be mistreated nude than they’re clothed. Of all the awful stories I’ve discovered in the news about similar occurrences, I’ve never heard one talking about nudism.
This reminds me of something I saw on a nudist website (can’t remember the specific site) where someone posed the question, Are Not you worried that someone may see your kid and need to damage him or her in some way? and the reply was so area on: Of course! But that is because I’m a mom, not because my kid is naked. In the words of every Family Feud contestant ever: Good Answer!
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