Again, Bill pointed out that this move would only happen if the board agreed with his appraisal. While Bill himself is a Carver trained professional, he did not want there to be even the look of him being biased. So he researched and discovered an area Carver professional that he urged AANR talk to.

Since, as far as I can tell, he didn’t attempt to force this on AANR, I think it’s safe to say that I ‘ll scratch it off the list of reasons why Bill was let go.
Gossip #7: Bill was attempting to circumvent the chain of command so that you can push through his personal plan, such as the new AANR guide he desired to publish
Bill promptly discounted that accusation. He reiterated that not once had he gone behind anyone’s back. He kept everyone up up to now on every aspect of his doings. He had never tried to push through anything and reiterated the fact that all he was enabled to do, according to the terms and conditions of his employment, was to make recommendations to the board. If the board decided to accept or reject his recommendations, that was up to them to decide.
He was simply doing what he was hired to do: identify weaknesses and address them.
But what about the new AANR club guide the board had voted not to pursue – Why pursue it anyway?
Bill explained that no one, like the board, ever said anything about not releasing a brand new AANR club guide. Apparently, they understood he was looking at it and he heard there were concerns about the price. So he’d Martha Young and Ashley Beahan (two of the AANR staff) work on lining up advertisers to make certain that AANR would have enough financing in place.
He’d told Martha that his plan was for the guide to be revenue neutral (as in – financing itself and wouldn’t cost AANR any money to create). He explained that it was part of the system to get a green light on creating the guide.
There were no official communications from the board about going forward or not going forward. said that he had received practically no direction from them. His strategy was to formally propose to take on the guide at the November board meeting through which time he would have the financial pro forma, the list of advertisers, the program for production, etc.
* As a side note Seemingly there was a rumor that Bill was pushing ahead with a rating system in the guide even though the rating system had not been approved. In fact, Bill did contemplate placing the ratings into the club questionnaire (which must go out a year in advance of the Guide being printed).
He especially asked VP of the Board, Sharon McLeod, if she believed it’d be okay to place the rating system in the survey. There would continually be the option of not using the info if the rating system was turned down by the board.
Sharon did not believe it was a good idea to put the rating questions in the Guide survey. He acknowledged her opinion and proposed Martha Young, editor of the guide to not include it in the Guide questionnaire. Bill indicated that he and Martha were clear on that direction and that was the end of it.

Bill concluded with a thought about view for clear on-going communications. “I own some of this. I have always believed I was being open about what I was doing maybe I wasn’t being heard or the rate I move at wasn’t comfortable for the board. I should have sent more radar signals to check I was being heard and comprehended and pushed for more affirmation of guidance. family nudists videos learned.”
Since he never strove to transcend his powers (as far as I will tell), I will safely conclude that this, too, in my opinion, is a non issue and hence I will scratch it off the list.
Judgments about AANR and Bill
This is rather a large endeavor and getting all the information took a lot of time and energy. However, now that I’ve gone through the main issues (that I am aware of) with members, supporters or officials of AANR in addition to after speaking with Bill directly, I can safely say that I have no hint as to what lead to the expiries of Bill’s employment contract.
What I could say is that I ‘ve heard some extremely horrible accusations after the fact about what Bill was doing and some even nastier ones about him as a person. While people tend to pass judgment before hearing the facts, I find such bully-like behaviour to be quite off putting and downright mean!
Now, for total disclosure, I’ve never met Bill personally, but I’ve been in communication with him for the last few years. Throughout that time, he’s got never, not once, given me any reason to second-guess his morals, values or actions. He has ever been clear-cut and direct – regardless of whether we agreed or not. He was always willing to give his honest opinion which suggests, to me at least, that he’s not the type of person that would conspire, rumor or go behind anyone’s back (which is more than I can say for some).