BtoB: You know, it’s intriguing. I think that there is undoubtedly a huge push for more “real” and “natural” things recently. There are so many companies that have switched their branding to try demonstrating diversity in body types, a more natural look, etc. But it’s kind of weird because even with all of the “actual” things we’re seeing recently, they’re still usually polished to be their greatest variant of that.

The “real” models are still symmetrical, appealing and shot with studio quality light and individuals who understand what they’re doing. So, yes, I do believe that folks are craving something real and while it seems like we are getting that, through media and through selfies and all of this, I sometimes wonder if it’s sometimes merely an alternate variation of the “finest angle.”Does that make sense? I do not understand if I explained that very well.
Yes, that makes sense. To a certain amount, people need to see the ideal rather than the real, I think this has been the situation in artwork for centuriesmuch before fashion magazines, etc.And what about when you add the “naked” part? This, naturally, alters the dFKKmic to some amount.
BtoB: Nudity is such a bizarre component. Because on one hand it is such a straightforward, easy concept – I mean, hello, we’re all born naked – and it’s also so polarizing and taboo. I believe that within the kingdom of nudity, individuals are perhaps even pickier about making sure things look perfect. No one wants to declare their breasts sag a little or that they have a peculiar hair on their stomach.
If they have got a birth mark on their arm or something, it likely would not be as big of a deal because they’re used to seeing it and it does not much matter. But if it’s something that is usually covered by clothes and then disclosed only to your partner, it’s a different type of feeling behind it, I suppose. used to agonize over how I looked while nude, so I can certainly relate.
That’s an extremely interesting point, the revelation, from clothed to naked is frequently more “titillating” than the nudity itself. It’s the tension there.
BtoB: Undoubtedly.I’ve read interviews from individuals who have done life modeling for schools and they always remark about how the strangest and most “revealing” part is the moment when they take off their robe and get nude for the first time in front of a group.
The grand unveiling of the kind. Once they’ve been naked for some time, it is not such a big deal.
You mention your feelings for your own nude body. This endeavor certainly allows you to perceive your body in another view than maybe you did prior to this. What was your relationship with your bodyand can you speak to any changes you’ve experienced over recent months?
BtoB: I’ve had lots of different relationships with my body. When I was a child, I didn’t find it, it just was what it was, and then as a teenager I despised it. I was never skinny enough, pretty enough, and so on. The typical teenage dilemma. As I got older, some of those things started slipping away and some of them held on more than others.
I still have problems here and there, but it is very infrequent. As far as how this job has changed me, I figure it is kind of solidified the, “Hey, my body is actually totally ok and I am good with it!” feeling that is been growing inside of me for a while. But honestly, aside from really being a giant, web-pat-on-the-head, I feel basically the same now with regard to my body as I did before I started the job.
Fair enough! Perhaps you have experienced social nudity, or being nude in front of others, or only online?
BtoB: Yeah, I Have been naked in front of folks before. I have been to a couple of nude beaches, and that was consistently interesting. Interesting, I guess in that there was nothing unusual or astonishing about it for me. It was like, “Oh cool, I won’t get tan lines. There’s a man over there staring at my end. Whatever, I ‘ve a fine behind.”

I value your self-confidence and your matter-of-fact view. That comes across on your site.
You have selected to remain anonymous, which as you point on your web site, is less about divulging your identity and more about enabling women to connect with you. Can you talk more about that?
BtoB: Yeah, that’s been an interesting choice. I mean, I started it anonymously with no intent of showing my identity. Of course I wasn’t incredibly cautious about it because I figured I Had have only a handful of people paying attention to me.
Once began receiving recognition I started panicking like, “What if someone finds out who I am?! What would happen? Should I just out myself now and get it over with?!”But of course, I calmed down and realized that 1. That is not likely 2. it wouldn’t matter anyhow and 3. being anonymous is truly a truly amazing method to allow folks to relate to me.