It’s summer! There’s a whole new(d) world out there!

May 2001

While reviewing messages on NetNude as well as other regions on the net, I see postings from men, apparently in their 20s and older. They post searching for companionship, or asking for a way to go through the naturist life. Strangely enough, you can find advertisements for various clubs and national organizations they can contact. But too often, postings take another kind, and Im told they never work.

Some of those postings comprise:

Desperate pleas for invitations to private parties.

Why dont these work? For starters, naturists are friendly folks, but like anyone else, naturists arent going to encourage anyone into their homes for social activities till they meet them in a managed environment, or on neutral ground. This could be a naturist resort club or a naturist club function. Individuals – any people – tend not to expand the hospitality of their homes to strangers predicated on an Internet posting. They would and should be especially sensitive to this in a naturist scenario. I recommend when a person desires to make naturist friends, they should become involved in their own local naturist club, or spend time at a naturist resort. Activities abound at these clubs and resorts. You will find games of volleyball, petanque, tennis, cards, chess, and shuffleboard at most resorts. Often, all are welcome and encouraged to take part in these group actions. If the standard social skills are found, folks manage to make friends and these invitations may come along in due course. This shouldnt be interpreted as you’ll forthwith be invited to private parties, nevertheless. As I mentioned, naturists are friendlier as a group than many youd meet in other recreational pastimes. They’re also human and have a tendency to form organizations with folks with whom they’ve something in common. It might turn out for some that the sole option for bare activities is the local naturist resort or social club and also the friendships may well not extend outside the club. So be it.

Ideas regarding the best way to keep Dad and Mom from finding out.

These postings aren’t from adolescents, but from adults in their 20s, 30s. and 40s — guys still residing at home, asking permission to do things that most individuals past the age of 18 wouldn’t even THINK of bothering their parents with.

A flashback of an experience came to me while I was writing this. My wife and I’ve a female, non-naturist friend who is now in her 30s. She is in her family, and is still treated like the ‘baby sister’. Regrettably, she accepts the role.

We went to the Olympics in Atlanta, and since she was going as well, we made arrangements to get together at among the events, and go off and have lunch after it’d finished. Over lunch, she expressed happiness that her brother gave her permission to return out with us for the day. We were HORRIFIED. We reminded her that she was a 28-year-old adult that has a great job, and her own flat, and is fiscally self sufficient. We advised her that it was unnecessary to find permission to spend an afternoon with friends. Our daughter was 19 at that time, and we told her that we would be shocked if she requested permission to have lunch using a friend.

In direct comparison, whenever an adult male is 25, or 30, or 35, or older, he is old enough to produce judgements in this way on his own. The the alternative of telling all to Mom and Dad – that a single adult male child is taking part in naturist activities, is just another thing to contend with. That might be an individual option, and sometimes not revealing the details to parents is advisable. But should the parents find out? Be open, revealing, and most of all, be UNAFRAID. You are an adult and possess the right to live your life as you please.

Repeated pleas to meet naturist girls.

I cannot talk from experience in this because I’ve not been in the shoes of a single male during my adult life. My lovely wife and I have been married for 28 years, and we took naturist dunk together after five years of union. We’ve learned through our long history of bare diversion that many couples we meet were a couple before they became naturists. But, please allow me to make three points about single women in naturism.

First , lets dispel the belief that there are no actual single women in naturism.

You can find many single women in naturism.

They know what they do want and the things they don’t desire. In careers. In relationships. In material things. In pleasure. And in life in general. Some are having too good of a time to be partnered, and thus they stay single by choice. That doesn’t mean that they do not date, or that they might not seek a serious relationship at some point in their lives. It must also be remembered that naturism is just not a lonely hearts club. Naturist resorts and beaches usually are not comparable to a few of the textile counterparts. They’re not geared toward singles which are out to meet other singles.

The third thing to be aware of is that single naturist women are much less likely than non-naturist women to reply an “I desire to meet a naturist girl” advertisement. Since they really go to naturist gatherings, they got the opportunity to meet guys there, and they may be quite selective. As I said earlier, the numbers dont favour the men, however they definitely favour the women! But, its unlikely they’d want to link up with a man in his late 20s or older who’s still living at home with his parents. Their self-autonomy would normally lead them to not want to link up with someone who doesnt have it.

I know some single men who met “the naturist woman of their dreams” but they did not do it by replying or posting advertisements, or inquiring how to do this, or lamenting that no one will invite them to a private party. They did it by going to naturist events, and through regular socialising, it simply happened. Something just clicked.

Yes, you read that right! There arent as many single women as there are single men, and thus the amounts do not favour the guys. But the women exist, and Ive met quite a few of them at naturist functions. Many of them have become good buddies of ours.

The 2nd point is that the naturist girls that I understand – especially the SINGLE naturist girls – possess a higher level of self-confidence. Most are fiercely independent and take no guff from anyone. They could fend for themselves in any social situation. Many follow the Erin Brockovich model in self-reliance and self confidence, although I’ve discovered that all naturist women that Ive met are finer people in relation to the character that Julia Roberts portrayed in the film.

I’m not saying it CAN’T happen – it is simply that intimate relationships are not easily formed on the ‘web’. And to the very best of my knowledge, naturist women aren’t scouring naturist-related bulletin boards and discussion groups looking for naturist men for a relationship. Nor are they dying to match up with guys they dont know to permit them to obtain entrance to clubs and events limited to naturist couples.

The way out of all of this

The single guidance I will offer is that you need to use the Web to locate events in your area that are open to you. Contact the groups that run them. Attend their occasions. Socialise. Make friends of both sexes. Become involved in the activities the club or resort offers. Act generally. You need to probably act as you would in case you were on the first day of a new occupation. Dont stand back in a corner, but also dont be too overbearing in driving yourself on people. If you should happen to strike up a friendship having a naturist woman, keep in mind that naturist girls are girls – only like the people at work, the same as the people that you run into every day. The difference is they love naturism and are inclined to be more independent than most other girls.

Don’t fear rejection, as its only one of lifes unpleasantries that all of US encounter and should regard as a growth experience. Actually, in reading the self-help books, you’ll learn that while rejection is generally unpleasant and unwanted, losing the fear of it’s the first key to success.

Get out, get active, and in life this year. That dream lady might be looking forward to you somewhere; then again, she might not be waiting for you at the local naturist group. Its late springtime, and by getting out to events and actions, you may benefit from the beauty which is naturism as well as the pleasures of nude recreation.

You wont do that by sitting at your computer keyboard, let alone meet Ms. (Naturist) Right!!! Fall comes around too quickly and another season will be behind us. Dont miss out on it!