Nudist Clothing and Lingerie – What Garments is Unsuitable or also sexyforNudists?

The issue of Nudist Clothing or better yet – Nudists and Clothing!
Naturist Clothes – Yes, I know this question seems like an oxymoron. But I really got to thinking about it after the Bare Necessities bare cruise. This was an adults-only cruise, so that undoubtedly had an effect on the vibe and what people chose to wear.
It was clothing-optional, and while most people were fully unclothed outside during the day, the landscape changed a bit at night. You couldn’t wear lingerie or “fetish-wear” to the dining hall, but folks wore it everywhere else. Some of it was like a hot naturist costume based on the topic of the night. Do not get me wrong.
It wasn’t as if the boat suddenly became a fetish party boat, but there was lots of freedom as far as what people could wear. I saw a guy wearing the panties pictured below, on the cruise in broad daylight. (This pic is courtesy of, the sex toy shop.)
I like the notion of having the freedom to wear as much or as little clothes as I desire, without needing to worry about covering parts that the rest of society considers indecent, like nipples. I believe other naturists would concur that it would be nice if this independence weren’t exclusive to naturist settings.
But since society does not yet give us this unclothed liberty, we are stuck with our designated places where we can go to be naked. Some places are nudity-needed, but even for ones which don’t label themselves clothing-optional, we all understand that sometimes folks have to put on clothes. So back to the question. Can there be clothing considered improper for nudist locations? It would appear most clubs have rules on nudity, but not too much on clothes.
Why would they, right? Well, maybe you’ve been to one of the clubs that’s lingerie parties. Many clubs are a typical naturist setting during the day, and then things get just a little more risque in the club house dance or night club celebrations.
From my own observations, largely women put on lingerie, hot naturist accessories, tight see through dresses and so on. Many places do not advertise the lingerie thing, but I know of at least one family club that lists events on their website entitled lingerie dance and leather and lace party.
Naturist Clothing – Lingerie clothing is too sexy for naturists and naturism?
Now, are these places still considered naturist clubs? By AANR’s standards, yes they’re, provided that no obvious sexual activity happens. Many of them are also family-oriented, or claim to be.
By sense, one would believe that lingerie and such clothing does not have a spot in naturist sites because:
1) Presumably, individuals see nudist clubs because they want to be naked and textile-free.
2) The terms nudism and naturism have different significance depending on who you talk to, but *I think* we can all agree that both are about non sexual nudity.
3) Is Not the intent of lingerie to sexually entice or arouse others?

I understand that folks like to dress up and feel pretty or hot, whether they’re a nudist or not. And garments or accessories may also be a way for folks to state themselves. But based on the points above, I still ask, is such garments proper in nudism / naturism? I posed this question to our community this week and got diverse responses. Some were adamant about it being inappropriate.
Tweets in Response to: Is Lingerie Proper or Inappropriate in Nudist Settings?
A female friend on Facebook also said: I do not believe lingerie has any place in naturism/naturism. Lingerie sexualizes the body and when that kind of clothing is mixed in with nudism it can no longer be considered non sexual.
That being said I have no difficulty wearing lingerie to a fetish party or something labeled like that. I was extremely surprised the first time I went to an aanr affiliated club that had a lingerie party at night. It still baffles me a bit and makes me think that people just aren’t capable of living a regular life clothing free it has to be some type of sexual expression because they just cannot separate the two in their heads.
A remark on the AskANudist Facebook page had the opposite view:
“I think rules need a positive intent to exist. I see no reason to confine garments in any manner in a clothing elective situation. Even in those areas where nudity is required, there should be exceptions for health and temperatures below 75F. If someone is sexually aroused by someone else’s clothes choices, it’s the issue of the aroused individual to get their act together. I don’t care what other people wear or do not wear.”
And there were also the it depends responses:
On : I believe it’s fine after the child’s curfew at the resort so after around 9 or 10 pm. It’s actually the parent’s call afterward how much their kids are exposed to wild hot beach party after that. We shouldn’t discount our sexuality fully so in my own opinion there is an appropriate time and an improper time for it at a naturist resort and the same goes in a child’s growth.
A Nuidst Clothing Reply on
This question also reminds me of one of the group discussions at the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival entitled “Is nudism too conservative for mainstream America?” The workshop leader was essentially asking if nudists needed to relax the rules a bit on the sexuality front to draw in more people. Not letting public sex, but as a good example, having more of a “spring break” environment with wet t-shirt contests and such.
If there were suddenly a nationwide naturist rule against lingerie / any sexual garments, would people suddenly start losing interest? Would clubs lose membership? If there were more leniency, would we develop more interest?
As I hinted above, there are not any current rules on this. Not even AANR has a policy. So I suppose it is up to every person and every club to discover what’s acceptable.
What exactly does everybody think about nudists and clothes? Should naturist clubs and resorts demand nudity at parties and dances too? Should they’ve rules on clothing or relax the rules more? Perhaps you have been to clubs with lingerie dances?