FRESH-DISM or Awesome to Nudism: A Girl Friend Recounts Her Encounter with Nudism

Awesome to Nudism? or “New Dism”?
Introduction by Felicity: As I said before, I went about encouraging my friends to try naturism this past summer by seeing me. Well I asked one if she could write me a story about seeing a fkk club and encountering naturism for the first time, and she did! Having grown up as a fkk, I actually needed to know what it was like for a fresh individual to step into the nudist community who grew up in an entirely non-fkk home / family.
It appears I didn’t give a good enough introduction to this at first, so let me clarify. My female friend from faculty visited me at a fkk club for the very first time, and I asked her to write a story about what it was like.
We picked a great weekend for her to visit, so her and her (female) friend came as my guests, and I did my best to introduce them to nudism/the club. The weather was not fantastic, so we hung out in a group, but had to dress as the cold came on, so it wasn’t perfect.
I was bare for a brief time and let my guests get used to things. As my buddy describes it, she got nakedand walked around on her own to see what it was about! And these are her general feelings and experience of it.
NEW DISM as in Fresh to Nudism at Rock Lodge
Below is Her Awesome To Nudism or “NEW-DISM” Storyline:
Disclaimer: Please be advised that naturist camps are NOT the place to go for anyone seeking a loony swinger outdoor nude orgy and/or men walking around with boners. I repeat, nudist camps are not the place to go for a wild romp or the screening of boners, sorry to disappoint.
My curiosity about nudist camps comes back nearly two years ago. I uncovered via some incriminating facebook pictures that my roommate/friend was in a sense, leading a double life. She was raised in a fkk camp and during summer and spring breaksfrom faculty that is where she returned, unbeknownst to us.
Obviously, my friends and I were beyond shocked at this discovery, and proceeded to bombard her with a broad collection of questions, including “What do you do when it gets chilly?” and “Do people have sex throughout the place?” (True, some questions were more credible than others). Our aims were not to be inappropriate.
The fact was, we literally had no idea what this kind of lifestyle entailed (minus my half hour long education on nudism from MTV’s True Life: My Parents Are Nudists. The documentary illustrated the story of a teen forced to grow up in a fkk camp as a sad, embarrassing plight that he could not escape, and I was left thinking, “At least I am not him.”)
Upon my school graduation, I embarked on the path of semi-self-discovery and experience, as many frequently do when they do not know what the next life step is. I was antsy to go anywhere and everywhere, and hopefully along the way learn more about myself and others. I boldly decided I ‘d set all apprehensions aside, and see my buddy at a fkk club called Rock Lodge.
I embarked on my journey on a beautiful summer day with a friend from home. debated and called what the camp would be like, having little, to no idea what to anticipate. I need to admit I was nervous, and took scoreless detours to prolong our coming (yesI did try to locate a certain Actual Housewife of Fresh Jersey). As we entered the gates of the naturist camp, a tide of panic came over me as a man greeted us (naked, of course).
As much as I ‘d prepared myself, the initial nude viewing caught me off-guard. I fought not to let my suffering get the best of me. I quickly regained my composure and put my game face onI had come this far, I was prepared. As we wandered through the camp I met a variety of individuals, all different ages, and equally as famous, all different shapes and sizes.
I couldn’t help but admire the confidence everyone seemed to possess, no matter their physical shape, and I somewhat envied them. They appeared to feel infinitely more confident than most individuals who walk around completely clothed.
I thought to myself, “How can individuals whose imperfections are so blatantly visible for everyone to see possess such assurance?” As I learned more about the lifestyle and the doctrines behind nudism, I began to understand why.
Initially, I did not feel comfortable taking my clothes off and getting nude, but I started to feel comfortable around nude people. After the first few handshakes and dialogs, it became somewhat ordinary. After the first few hours, I no longer thought about the fact that folks were nude and I comprehended how easily people could adapt to this lifestyle, if they were open to it. I also seen how accepting were.
My buddy and I arrived fully clothed, and (despite our best attempts) definitely just a little bit uncomfortable. Yet we were embraced with open arms and no one seemed skeptical of our motives for seeing. I valued the first acceptance, since so often there’s pressure to establish yourself in some way amongst a group of awesome folks, in order to be accepted. We skipped that step at the camp, and that was something I greatly valued.

I did wind up taking off my clothes very briefly later in the day as I went for a walk in the woods (I did not let anyone see me though, I wasn’t THAT brave). It was actually among the most unusual and concurrently liberating feelings I’ve experienced in a long time.
I walked on a trail encompassing a medium-sized lake. The sun was shining through in patches but the trail was, for the most part, covered. I made my way apprehensively onto the plage and stood alone, in the middle of the sand, overlooking the lake. I knew folks on the other side of the lake could see me naked from a distance, but I no longer cared.
At that moment standing on the plage, I realized how far I ‘d surpassed my comfort zone, and how much I enjoyed it. I re-clothed and continued to spend the rest of the night and day at the camp. Some members put on clothes when the weather began to be uncooperative. Throughout my time there I gained knowledge from the viewpoints of both longtime nudists and brand new ones.
It appeared that members initially picked this lifestyle for all different motives, but continued to live it for very similar reasons including the instilled sense of self-confidence from a young age, the deficiency of superficial value, and outstanding link with nature.
I left the naturist club feeling marginally altered and, I know it sounds lame, a little bit wiser and more confident. I definitely recommend that everyone experience this lifestyle (or societal nudity) at least once, even for a short amount of time, in their own manner. I expect to return to Rock Lodge again one day, and maybe next time, I Will even be slightly more courageous
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