Ex ClothesFree.com Naturist Mp4 Producer: Felicity Jones, Corky merely told me that a brand new edit will be made to include more guys to the movie and not just focus on girls. Letting everyone know. He’s removing the girl-girl kiss which got complaints and lots of sexualizing vagina close-ups. In addition to including a more equivalent man time. I believe that’ll settle upset folks.

Jordan Blum: It is not the deficiency of showing penises per se It is only that it comes off like any MTV video where you’ve got the men singing and the girls prancing around. It’s only the same ole strategy of using sex to sell. I figure the questions are – who are the target market and what’s the message (if there exists a notable one)
You are entitled to your own view but are you a paying subscriber on the website?
I’m only voicing my support for well produced work and expressing my thanks for it, not whining.
Jordan Blum: It is a nicely produced mp4 – no doubt but it’s reminiscent of the type of things that Internaturally used to sell. They merely use the term to market and sell things to mainstream. Naked girls = $$)
This article about the clothesfree.com naturist video was released by Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK
After all of the discussion, I ‘d a positive outlook on how ClothesFree.com would handle their nudist videos in the future. Two weeks after, I will proudly say that looks true. This movie was released last week of the Bare Burro 5K race at Olive Dell Ranch. It takes a more enjoyable, carefree strategy with a varied form of folks and the voyeuristic shots seem to have already been left on the cutting room floor.
*EDIT* – May 17th, 2014 – This nudist movie by ClothesFree.com seems to have been taken down for some reason.
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