We arrived at night and checked in at their parking lot booth, open 24 / 7. There we were given a packet of info, a map and introduction before making our way to our lodging. We remained in a Grove Cottage. It wasn’t inexpensive at $230, but it granted us a 24 hour visit. They have a variety of accommodations options, from bungalows to dormitories to tent cabins and only routine tenting. I didn’t get to see them in person, but their dome rooms look super cool. I’d considered a tent cabin, that was the only other thing available, but I’m glad we didn’t choose that option. There is absolutely no heat besides a heated mattress, and you will need to bring your own bedding. It got chilly at night so room heat was good. Our cottage was cozy with a comfy bed, big bathroom and shower. We also had our own deck looking out onto the forest.

The Dome Rooms
It was a bit of hike from our cottage to the primary area, but I did not mind it as it was a quiet walk through nature under a quite starry skies. Their restaurant is like follow -serve, cafeteria style place. The food was great, but came at NYC costs. In terms of other alternatives, there is also a little cafe and a little grocery / health food store. The cafe sells bites, cold lunches and coffee / beverages. The grocery store has a self-serve food pub with salad, soup, and several hot entrees. They carry vital items like toiletries, some produce, cold foods, snacks, pantry staples, etc. And lastly there is a kitchen for cooking your own meals. All the food was great, but cooking would be your most cost effective alternative.
Quiet Warm Pool at Harbin Hot Springs
We undressed in the changing room and kept our material in one of the cubbyholes, getting only our towels. The pools are essentially all together in one place. There are 2 warm pools, a hot pool, a little chilly dip pool and a large chilly pool. Among the warm pools is called a quiet meditation pool, consequently no conversation. We began with that one. It is a deep pool, and most people stand or squat a little, leaning against sides. There were maybe 15 other folks within it. This really is when things got awkward.
Despite the hint above stating sexual activity was prohibited, there was undoubtedly some sexual stuff happening. Some couples were hugging, their legs and arms entwined. It was difficult to see in the dark, but it was quite clear that some were fooling around. I can’t remember the last time I felt so uneasy in a naked pool. I’d seen mention of events and weirdos on TripAdvisor, but I wasn’t prepared for this. A reviewer had said the management was quite good at looking after improper behavior. Seemingly they are not great at preventing such conduct. We got out shortly after to try the other facilities.
I attempted to get in several times during our stay, but it was too extreme for me! I soaked in the other warm pool and also tried the dry sauna and steam room. Both were fine enough.
Only at that point we were prepared to hit the hay so we made our way back up to the cottage.
Harbin Hot Springs View From Our Cottage
Upon stepping out onto our deck each morning, we were happy to see a bit family of deer walking up along the road, and the sun coming up over the trees was a delightful view.
We had breakfast at the restaurant and this time we were able to enjoy the deck outside, that was wonderful. Later I went for a yoga course in the round temple. I loved that it’s round and the floor is heated!