Some naturist locations avoid lingerie or other dress considered sexy, or body painting, or body contests. Some frown on naked hugs or dances.

Could attempting so much to be less sexual than non-naturists be counterproductive? If people aren’t guilty of something, why must they showdown to prove they are innocent?
Welcome to the USA, where on a large political scale, perception is nine tenths of truth.
In practical terms, though, overdoing the defensiveness about sex might separate naturist groups from each other in addition to alienate a large section of the population that just wants to act the same with or without clothes.
Those appear noteworthy issues notably for young folks. But if matters don’t go to extremes, there’s room for various sorts of naturism: outdoor, party, sports, spiritual, etc.; and let’s not forget kids of quite different ages. As for behaving the same with or without clothes, that is the fundamental notion, which young kids understand better than anyone!
What would you suggest to new naturists? They won’t go into a lot of doctrine only to attempt the encounter.
Fair enough. They might find out what is acceptable or not in the naturist environment they plan to be in and act accordingly. Or the converse: find out if there is a place or group that does things they need and prevents things they do not.
It does not hurt to ask normally, or to read up a little about the issues, and those seeking should be welcomed.
How would you see naturism altering over the the next couple of years with respect to these issues?
That is too tough for me to reply. But one thing appears clear: because naturism is still small stuff in the larger picture, it gains most from important occasions which can ben’t set up as naturist or by naturists.
Favorable legal determinations help, needless to say. Ironically they include cases in the sexual realm, such as repealing anti-sodomy laws (Texas) or permitting swinger parties (Quebec), as a result of the bigger world’s confusion of sexual expression with nudity. Also valuable is endorsement or acquittal of girls for being topfree, which involves an equality problem even if courts have not considerably recognized that.
It is about body acceptance, which shows up in many manners.
What about conventional naturist tasks?
All the great news about naturist campgrounds, resorts, beaches, organizations, and actions are slowly showing the American people that naturism is not a sexualized practice and moreover has longstanding, important ties to many positive thoughts and movements in health, psychology, the natural environment, and art. Continuing to accentuate those favorable links should decrease the importance of naturism to illustrate what it is not and free it to become what it aspires to.
Perhaps naturist anxieties about sexuality in their own practice will fall. Would not it be nice if they evaporated?
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