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Classification: Dating Naked VH1, Naturist Site, Social Nudity BlogsThe Story of AANR and Lupin Lodge Clothing Optional Resort
AANR Removes Lupin From Its Network of nudist movies – The question is – WHY?!?!?
As some might know, FKK is on the receiving end of many malicious and unsubstantiated allegations previously. It has taught me NOT to consider everything I hear and to take with a grain of salt what other people (even organizations) claim. So when it came to dilemma of Lupin Lodge’s AANR charter being revoked, I ‘d to try and discover out for myself what actually happened.
For those who follow news in the naturist world, the name Lupin Lodge might activate some strong feelings and beliefs.
For the benefit of those who’ve not followed the chain of events that result in Lupin Lodge’s AANR charter being revoked, I will try and do my best to explain what happened in the most clear-cut way. I took extra time to verify the advice and I would like to thank all those who have been so gracious with their time and willingness to answer my never-ending barrage of questions.
For those who are unfamiliar with Lupin, they will have A LOT of property. They’ve been quite accepting of individuals and host events by a variety of http://www.thoun.com/latest-updates/ (including Burning Man and the now infamous Fox Hunt group).
It was the first of two such events.
On Feb 9th of 2011, a blog post surfaced (“What Is actually happening at Lupin Lodge?”).
Why Did AANR Remove Lupin Lodge
Last month, Felicity and I determined to visit Lupin Lodge to speak with the owners directly.
We learned that Glyn (the owner) has twin 12 year old girls who live on the grounds. Does one think I might subject them to anything like this? I must say that I was taken aback by his answer and by the seriousness with which he said it.
I should also note here that the owners claim the event took place far away. They said it was done without many of the members even understanding, which can be quite possible and likely.
In an attempt to understand what occurred, I have been corresponding with Cindy Gregory, the resident staff member at Lupin. She’s been exceptionally gracious and answered each question I had (and there were many).
I also reached out to a journalist Tracy Clark-Flory – who attended the event and after published an article about it on Salon.com.
Here is my Q&A:

whether people were walking around in their costumes in front of kids.
Q. Did you see that it’s inappropriate exposing youngsters to such costumes & would you say that it might be deemed as extreme?
A. I didn’t opinion on whether or not it would appropriate for children to see such costumes – I leave that up to individual parents. But it certainly wasn’t anything more extreme than costumes you would see at the Folsom Street Fair [a huge San Francisco leather occasion], which permits kids.
Q. How did you hear participants and Lupin members interact with each other during or after the event?
A. I can not remember how I heard see any interaction between the participants and the club members.
you wrote about take place at Lupin Lodge?
A. Indeed, it was at Lupin Lodge.
Q. Do you believe any obvious sexual activity that took place out in the open?
A. I do not have any specific observe any sexual acts.
Q. Did the event about the event?
A. I didn’t about the occasion, but I was encouraged after getting in touch with one of the organizers.