bate the material by thumping dung into the skin or soaking the skin in a

Alternative of animal brains. They’d also take cedar oil, alum, or tannin and
stretch the skin as it lost wetness and consumed the tanning agent. Remaining
leather would be turned into glue. Tanners would put bits of hides in a vat
of water and let them deteriorate for months. The mixture would then be placed
over a fire to boil off the water to produce hide glue.
My Private Report
An article in
discusses the recently discovered differences between the human genome and
The two, as we all understand (and some dont like to acknowledge),
are quite similar. But somewhere down in that twisting, kinked helix we call our
to the invention of clothes, that made Ralph Lauren a billionaire. And some
Folks dont like that.
Some individuals, it seems, love being naked. Even when they travel. This place is
about them.
According to recent data, naked travel is all the rage.
mammalian multitudes whoo appreciate a brisk wind betwixt their privates, is a
group who favors sailing the open ocean with nothing but shades and, well
OK, simply shades. Yes, I am referring to nudie cruises. A company called
Bare Essentials offers ocean going experiences for people who like to enjoy their
persimmon sundown sans clothes. Its not the prettiest sight one can envision,
but the theory does bring to mind hordes of light, doughy humans frolicking
about the Lido Deck, margaritas in hand, as cool Pacific winds blow a hundred
flesh wind socks in an identical direction. Could naked travel be for you? Well,
that is between you and your God. But if you believe it might be worth a try, the
Business is offering in February 2006 a excursion aboard a 2,000 passenger ship that
Another offers a 14 day
excursion through the Panama Canal, a trip that will really make lots of
mosquitoes very joyful.
It’s been billed as the
first naked tour of the Mediterranean, a week-long cruise for 450 people with
the wearing of clothes largely optional and occasionally banned entirely.
The first big-ship naturist cruise of the Mediterranean, on the 17,000-tonne
Flamenco, was hailed as the largest naked occasion in these waters since Aphrodite
Spaniards, but with Britons the second-biggest group.
“It’s just like a usual cruise, but for people who like being nude,” a
While the crew would remain clothed, passengers would be obliged to dress just
for dinner, she explained. Clothing of any kind will be banned from the sun deck
and swimming pool.
“They will have towels, needless to say, for reasons of hygiene,” the spokeswoman
added. Garments will stay optional at all other times and in all other areas,
except during trips on to dry land.
every stop additionally contains a chance for passengers to take off
at a fresh place, be it a French hillside naturist club or a beach in Ibiza.
Furthermore, passengers can do everything from risk to disco dancing in whatever
state of undress they desire.
Not everything, however, will be about attaining all over tans or loving nude
frolics in the water.
A series of seminars with titles like Nudism and Parallel Kinds of
Discrimination will be available to those who take their nudity seriously.
One couple were expected to be wed today by the Flamenco’s captain, Joannis
Notarakis, though organisers did not say whether it’d be a naked ceremony.
Strikingly beautiful with intense dark eyes, platinum blonde hair, and great
curves, Sandy gestures expansively. She giggles. As she speaks, a whimsical smile
plays merrily across her face.
Sandy fast lets me know she doesn’t have the perfect body. “Overly fat,” she
says, with a whisper of a sigh, breaking into a large smile, “but it does not
Issue. That’s what I enjoy about nude recreation. We are all identical. We all look
Equally. No one person is any better than another.”
“I look for the sunlight to shine now that I’m a naturist,” Sandy says.
Scarcely wait for it.
Outdoors (soaking in the sun, playing shuffleboard, walking through the forest),
or inside (sharing a hot tub, eating a communal meal, conversing by the
fireside), time spent in nude recreation is quality time.
You will discover everything you’re trying to find in naked diversion — easiness,
camaraderie and socialization; a legal, safe and secure surroundings; a family