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Notice from Jordan & Felicity: Her name was Dana, so when her final project for one of her classes, she needed to make a brief documentary about FKK / naturism.
We consented to do it in exchange for her composing an article about her expertise in making the film. So msmichele contributions voyeurweb is her narrative below, along with her documentary at the end!
Naturist documentary film
Guest blog by: Dana Schlieman
Naturist Documentary – My first encounter with documentary filmmaking presented an opportunity to force myself out of my comfort zone and investigate something I hadn’t ever done before. My preference is definitely story, fiction film, and the appointment of a 5-10 minute documentary by my Nonfiction Mp4 professor made me queasy and sweaty with anxiety.
I spent the following week wracking my brain for a area that would be interesting to an audience but that was additionally manageable for someone with my level of expertise (which was low). Matters strayed in and out of my mind and my thoughts rambled on to other things, like what it must actually be like to be colorblind, and how my class might react to the existence of nudity in a peer’s film. I froze in my bed as this idea crystallized into a job proposal: an investigation of modern naturists in Ny and how they lived their lives within society.
The endeavor quickly began to come together within my mind’s eye as I reached for my phone to start my research. Abruptly I hit a wall. I found out that naturist resorts and beaches were closed down in late September, for the duration of the winter season. It was the middle of October now, and my idea fell apart as fast as it have been built up. I backtracked, dejected and unenthused, to the subject of colorblindness and landed on this as the issue for my picture. It was boring, but at least it was not seasonal.
On suggestion day in class, I determined to present the concept for my naturist film anyhow, to ensure my professor could see that I was more intriguing than my colorblind project indicated. I shared the idea with my class, together with the challenges I’d encountered, and explained why I would not be able carry this project out. The whole class, who seemed to have tuned me out while I talked about colorblindness, suddenly pricked their ears as I told them my original idea.
You might have to do that endeavor, my classmates told me, with more earnestness than I Had ever received from them. It actually does sound wonderful, he said.
I argued with them for a while as beaches nude threw their suggestions at me. They insisted that there had to be a remedy.
Speak with the people who run a resort even if they are not functioning right now, one classmate said. I asked her what I ‘d film in that case other than the interviews.
A movie about nudism should really have nude people inside, shouldn’t it? I asked them. We went back and forth like this for a while before my professor stopped us.
Just consider it, he told me. The colorblind thing sounds fine. I looked up at him hopefully. But the nudism seems really good.
With that, I was done for. I got online after class that day and buckled down. Ultimately, Google rewarded me with the Nudist Portal website.
Everything about FKK was so welcoming that I was immediately comfortable, and I am readily made uncomfortable in many situations. They talked about naturism and naturism the way I might tell someone my feelings for artwork and my pets. It was clear how dear their mission was to them, and how significant it was to them to remove the stigma surrounding nudity, and I quickly located my own feelings about it-that it should be private and reserved for a few very certain scenarios-coming into question.
Soon I was plagued with a few very real dilemmas. For starters, I am already fairly nervous at the notion of speaking to strangers (my parents had to purchase my food for me in restaurants until I was about 16). I worried that, within my ignorance of this issue that I was so new to, I’d say or ask something inadvertently offensive and they might despise me. Additionally , I worried that they might be too bizarre for me to cope with and I ‘d have to back from the devotion I was planning to make with them, another thought that gives me heart palpitations.
I walked out of my first meeting with Felicity and Jordan astounded at one basic fact: They were so pleasant, I told my buddies once I got home. The pair had clarified their no-judgment way of life in my experience, and I could tell they weren’t saying it the way other people say it; they truly meant it. I know I’m not like that, and I couldn’t think of a single reason why.
The day we filmed, I kept finding myself thinking: This all seems so normal. I found my dialogue with Jordan more arousing than anything I had learned from my school professors previously year-and-a-half, and with Felicity I felt like I was talking into a friend, one who just did not happen to be wearing clothing. And I think all three of us expected me to be uncomfortable, but I actually wasn’t.
Everyone I told about my job was incredibly inquisitive about it. Between October and December, I believe the question I got asked the most was: How is it going with the naturists? It seemed that everyone expected some sort of scandal, for me to be taken captive and forced to join a nude cult or something. I was almost smug at how little dirt I had for them. I felt oddly true to the naturist community, like I was now a tiny part of the fight to shed light on the body image and censoring issues that my subjects had brought to my attention. The entire experience even got me working on my own body image problems and other private items that I’ve never really thought about before.
And to anyone who still asks me, when talking about my job, Was Not that extremely awkward? all I can do is shrug and answer truthfully: No.
If you are wondering about the organ that reveals on the screen within the documentary, it’s a joke commercial for a radio station in Australia and can be seen on vimeo channel here.
The vulva that also revealed on the screen is a unique music video of singing vulvae and can be seen on vimeo here.
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