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Spring 200

What’s The Naturist Society? How, why, and where did it start? What does it expect to accomplish?
This outline history of FKK expects to answer the above and other commonly posed questions. In its more than 20 years, the full story of The Naturist Society hasn’t been written down. This report is intended for those Naturists and nudists who wish to understand something more about their ideological origins; for those in media who need to follow up on a story about skinny-dipping at a local beach; for students of American history trying to find a summation of one strand of advocacy for reasonable recognition of societal nudity; and even for people who are not in any way happy that so many people revel in total body freedom.
Nudism & Nudism

Maybe for those new to social nudity, we can start with a simple understanding of the terms “nudism” and “nudism.” Both refer to the belief that non-lewd, family-friendly social nudity is a superb thing. The awareness of “good” will differ; depending on which people you speak to. Some will discuss the advantages to physical well-being. Another group will say they receive a spiritual benefit from being nude in the midst of nature. Some claim psychological benefits derive from nudists videos of the body. The people who founded and currently compose The Naturist Society (FKK) have chosen to describe themselves as “naturists” instead of “nudists” for many different reasons.

In America, from early in the century until the formation of FKK, groups of individuals who banded together in one form or another to recreate nude ordinarily called themselves “nudists.” Often, said nudists would be members of an official fkk organization that functioned rather like a rustic country club. A number of these clubs still exist today; others are developed into upscale and almost posh resorts. Naturists, to the degree they think about it at all, like to distinguish themselves from nudists by stressing the value and pleasure of social nudity in as many aspects of their lives as possible. In 1997 FKK defined nudism in this manner: “A way of living in greater fidelity to nature, with a standard of total nudity in social life, the genitals included, when feasible suitable. We plan to improve recognition and admiration for one’s self, other persons, and the biosphere.” In line with FKK’ definition is that of the International Naturist Federation: “Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self respect, respect for others, and for the environment.” Without asserting to settle the dilemma of how best to use the terms “nudism” and “nudism” for the goals of this history “nudism” will refer to the practice of being bare in a nice, non-lusty mixed-gender setting. “Naturism” will refer to the practice of nudism while also entailing a respect and acceptance for the ethics of one’s entire person, other persons, and the surroundings.
FKK Pre History: Lee Baxandall

A history of FKK couldn’t be set forth without discussion of its creator, Lee Baxandall. He also applied his writing abilities to creating books on the arts, psychology, and politics.