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Spring 200

What’s The Naturist Society? How, why, and where did it start? What does it expect to accomplish?
This outline history of FKK expects to answer the above and other commonly posed questions. In its more than 20 years, the full story of The Naturist Society hasn’t been written down. This report is intended for those Naturists and nudists who wish to understand something more about their ideological origins; for those in media who need to follow up on a story about skinny-dipping at a local beach; for students of American history trying to find a summation of one strand of advocacy for reasonable recognition of societal nudity; and even for people who are not in any way happy that so many people revel in total body freedom.
Nudism & Nudism

Maybe for those new to social nudity, we can start with a simple understanding of the terms “nudism” and “nudism.” Both refer to the belief that non-lewd, family-friendly social nudity is a superb thing. The awareness of “good” will differ; depending on which people you speak to. Some will discuss the advantages to physical well-being. Another group will say they receive a spiritual benefit from being nude in the midst of nature. Some claim psychological benefits derive from nudists videos of the body. The people who founded and currently compose The Naturist Society (FKK) have chosen to describe themselves as “naturists” instead of “nudists” for many different reasons.

In America, from early in the century until the formation of FKK, groups of individuals who banded together in one form or another to recreate nude ordinarily called themselves “nudists.” Often, said nudists would be members of an official fkk organization that functioned rather like a rustic country club. A number of these clubs still exist today; others are developed into upscale and almost posh resorts. Naturists, to the degree they think about it at all, like to distinguish themselves from nudists by stressing the value and pleasure of social nudity in as many aspects of their lives as possible. In 1997 FKK defined nudism in this manner: “A way of living in greater fidelity to nature, with a standard of total nudity in social life, the genitals included, when feasible suitable. We plan to improve recognition and admiration for one’s self, other persons, and the biosphere.” In line with FKK’ definition is that of the International Naturist Federation: “Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self respect, respect for others, and for the environment.” Without asserting to settle the dilemma of how best to use the terms “nudism” and “nudism” for the goals of this history “nudism” will refer to the practice of being bare in a nice, non-lusty mixed-gender setting. “Naturism” will refer to the practice of nudism while also entailing a respect and acceptance for the ethics of one’s entire person, other persons, and the surroundings.
FKK Pre History: Lee Baxandall

A history of FKK couldn’t be set forth without discussion of its creator, Lee Baxandall. He also applied his writing abilities to creating books on the arts, psychology, and politics.

For instance, if a parent is worried by the situation or if some sort of coercion is involved,

the negative effects on kids can cause feelings of weakness, endangerment, and
children being exposed to nudity in the house at young ages and generally stress some of the
positive advantages to the child. For instance, higher degrees of self esteem, the decrease of
shame and remorse, and healthier attitudes towards body image and sex. 7
Social nudism brings just a small percent of adolescents. Charles Daney, in his
possible reasons accountable for discouraging this group. To begin with, most adolescents like to
associate with individuals close to their own age groups. Yet, they are finding out that the
majority of individuals participating in /Nudism actions, are over thirty. One idea
for adolescents who are interested in social nudism, would be to seek out other teens to form awesome
social groups. The easiest approach would be to get various Internet services, such as
mailing lists, chat rooms, and web sites specifically designed for teenagers expressing an interest
Another possible reason for declining numbers of adolescents engaging in social
nudism is they locate the nudist resorts really “sedate,” due to their ”family oriented”
nature, and therefore consider them ”dreary.” One potential method to ease this problem is
for young people to organize their own social activities within the resorts. Teens are
Motivated once they find others interested in nudity, to venture outside the resorts and

experience other forms of social nudism such as clothing optional beaches, and various
Kinds of groups participating in naked sports. Some adolescents are directed from social nudism
Because of this, actions outside the resorts are
highly recommended because there aren’t any required membership fees. Likely the most
Understood reason of all, for teens objecting to social nudism, is the overall uncomfortable
feelings about their physical looks. Paradoxically though, Nudism enables one to
overcome these subordinate feelings and increases the chance of attaining a more advantageous
level ofbody approval. 8

Naturist, some co workers, strangers, and some buddies who accompanied me to a local
nudist resort. With the aim of this paper I WOn’t use their names.
I feel very lucky in getting this interview from a longtime Naturist. This
He says he has
Naturism, which comprise, “That the body is fundamentally a good thing, and that there is
no valid reason to deny all chances for us to reveal our total humanity when in societal
Circumstances.” He first participated in Naturism, while on a fishing trip with his father and brother in
After skinnydipping, he discovered hiking naked in the woods
resort in the San Francisco Bay area. The discovery of nude beaches followed later to,
“where now, it is all just part of my everyday life.” He compares the bathing suit to bare
swimming and says that “Anyone who has experienced both, will attest to the simple delight of
swimming nude.” He also loves naked hiking, boating, skiing, mountain biking etc., and
says they are all a “blast.”

His wife is also a Naturist who has long loved nude beaches. Nevertheless, she did not
Learn about “organized Naturism/nudism,” until met him. He also discloses he has
experienced no difficulties with friends or family members who are non-nudists about his
Before stopping the interview I requested him to give me his ideas on the future of
Social Nudism. He expressed concern for the quickly growing population, and said that
decades appreciated skinny-dipping and nude actions. Though these places are clothing
optional, most beginners are oblivious of this, and often times file complaints with the
authorities, resulting in the close of many skinny-dipping sites. However, the number of
Fkk resorts across the United States continues to grow and more people are appreciating the
Bare lifestyle.
His closing ideas are as follows, “For me (and I speak just for myself), being nude
(i.e., being me), doesn’t need reason. I’ve just come to the conclusion that garments
are excellent when I’m cold, pruning blackberries, or cooking bacon. Otherwise, if I prefer
to be bare, then there is no great cause not to be. The burden of proof is on others to
explain why being openly human is immodest, morally wrong, or meriting jail time. ” 1

So with that in mind, we would like to ask folks to help keep us going. Though it’s hard to ask, we do need cash to survive. While we do offer member benefits, we don’t need you to sign up for those motives.

If the fact that we do not have occasions in your region discourages you from signing up that’s fantastic! We’d rather need to close up than have to create more events just to get more members. Events are expensive and time consuming, and we would rather not take from our advocacy work. If we need to spend most of our time doing occasions, then we won’t have the ability to boost core issues we feel need to be discussed.
So unless more people contribute, or more folks really step up and begin shouldering the responsibility, we will be forced to have less events.
For those that believe we don’t want cash then only tally up the costs of filing corporate taxes, site management, development, research assistance and don’t forget TIME! Should youn’t think our time has worth, then by all means, don’t support us.
I wrote this post as I feel that every now and again, it is good to remind people what we are about. Please feel free to comment below with any ideas you may have. Are we doing an excellent job? A bad one? Can there be value in what we do? Or .
Young Naturists and Naturists America FKK
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Naturist Portal.Naturism, Naturist and Nudity Throughout History
Before We go into the entire history of nudity and naturism, here are some naturist related articles you may want to read first. These articles will provide you with some basic facts about naturism as well as the terms which are used in the naturist world:
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The Complete History of Nudism, Naturists and Nudity by FKK
In this post will explore both naturism and nudity throughout history. While established nudism, as a movement, is considerably youthful, social nudity is as old as Adam and Eve.
Naturism and Nudists History Part One –
When the word nudism is mentioned, the first notion is of Adam and Eve. The Biblical Book of Genesis states at the conclusion of Chapter 2 in verse 25 that The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame. In Chapter 3, after Adam and Eve eat of the fruit of the tree, they become aware in their nakedness and cover themselves in shame. Because naturism exists now in a cultural, social and political circumstance, Adam and Eve would not be considered authentic social naturists.
Only two people existed in the world, hence, there was no accurate society, or culture or political arena. There nonetheless, are Christian nudists who believe that Adam and Eve covering their bodies in shame was the true sin. God made the human body and God never created anything evil or horrible.
Furthermore, through the entire Bible there are references to prophetic naturism, such as Saul setting nude to have a vision and joyful naturism such as for instance King David dancing naked for delight when the Ark of the Covenant arrived in Jerusalem.
Nonetheless, these were various episodes and not a culture in general practicing naturism. The true origins of naturism would have to be traced to the Ancient Egypt and to the Greek and Roman Empires. It was in those arenas that the first sorts of naturism as ethnic, societal, and political bases were laid.
Naturism has played an essential part of the world’s growth and has evolved and flowed along many political and social climates, from the sources in Greece to Victorian England, to the Renaissance period experienced in both Europe and America into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
Picture Depicts The Biblical Story of Noah
Tablets from Ancient Egypt were found that demonstrated Pharaoh Akhenaton (1385 – 1353 B.C.) and his wife Nefertiti, considered the sun to be the wellspring of life, and for this reason practiced naturism and sun bathing for both physical well-being and for religious motives.
Victorian archaeologists who found the tablets were critical as they chanced upon through tablets and wall carvings that the Pharaoh and his wife, together with the Egyptian court, practiced naturism not only in the swimming pools, but also in the royal gardens and palace.

(2) He shows his intimate parts for the intent of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of the performer or of every other person under circumstances where the actor knows or reasonably anticipates he is likely to be detected by a person who because of mental disease or defect is unable to comprehend the sexual nature of the actor’s conduct.

This subsection is also insignificant to naturists because, as I comprehend it, sexual gratification isn’t born at your events. In any event, the criminal isn’t the man who hosts the celebration, but the individual committing the act. At worst you could be charged as an accessory a charge that would just stick if you actively encouraged the act.
Statute: NJSA 2C:24-4 Endangering welfare of children.
Description: degree.
This particularly includes nudity but only when nudity is depicted for the purpose of sexual gratification. That isn’t the purpose of a naturist event. Again, the possible Defendant here is the kid’s parent, not you, so long as you’re not promising to supply any sort of childcare service.
Legislative Act: NJSA2C:33-12.2. Sexually oriented business, annoyance; offense
2. a. As used in this action:
(1) “Sexually oriented business” means:
(a) A commercial establishment which as one among its primary business purposes offers for sale, rent, or display some of the following:
As long as you aren’t selling any depictions of nudity, this does not apply to you.
Statute: (b) A commercial establishment which regularly features live performances characterized by the exposure of a “specified anatomical area” or by a “specified intercourse,” or which regularly shows films, motion pictures, video cassettes, slides, or other photographic representations which depict or describe a “specified sexual activity” or “specified anatomical area”;
As long as there are not any performances or movies shown at the big event, this does not apply to you personally.
Statute: NJSA 2C:34-2.Description: older
Description: section:
Description: details:
Description: genitals,
Description: and
Description: interest.
There is nothing obscene about the human anatomy. This has been created in many Courts, including the US Supreme Court and New Jersey’s own Supreme Court. This is not going to affect you.
Statute: NJSA 2C:34-3. Obscenity for men under 18
Description: activity.
It does not care whether the content has artistic or educational value and it comprises nudity paired with sensuality with sufficient impact to concentrate prurient interest on the area or task. This may not look like a high bar to get underneath, but the fact that this qualification exists, means that nudity alone is not obscene to minors. in a school library isn’t obscene, nor is Kurt Vonnegut’s description of a image of a girl fornicating with a horse in Slaughterhouse 5, because it is clear that there is no intention to stimulate the prurient interest.
*If there were any kind of performance, dancing, display of a movie, or anything else besides people hanging out in the nude around a pool and steam room, I would keep the minors home.
Statute: Description: level.

Nudism or Naturism And The Bible

What does the Bible Say about Naturism, Naturism and Straightforward Nudity?
The Bible and Naturism – The Bible is a fantastic novel because it gives us examples of how to proceed or not. If it doesn’t give us examples of how to proceed or not, there are many principles which are pertinent to our situation. For the instance of nakedness, we’ve both examples and principles.
There are special examples of good nakedness (Gen 2:24, 1 Sam 19:24, Isa 20:1-3). In each of the preceding cases, the nakedness was either called great or controlled.
Those examples are neutral because the nudity there is only discovered. Nothing else, good or bad, is said about the fact they were nude.
Additionally there are cases of bad nakedness including David and Bathsheba (2 Sam 11), Noah (Genesis 9:20-7).
The reason that the two above instances display poor nakedness is because sin is involved: David lusted in his heart, while watching Bathsheba, and acted on that lust.
Noah was intoxicated and dishonored his dad by having homosexual relations with him. Scripture most definitely does reveal something like what we as naturists practice: Jesus with the disciples (John 13:8) and David dancing in the road at the return of the Ark of the Covenant (2 Sam 6:9-17).
The Bible And Naturism
Along with instances of nakedness, we now have principles involving our freedom as Christians, including Romans 14. In Christ, we’ve been granted much independence; we are not to use that freedom as a license to sin (Gal 5:13).
The most significant principle is that God has called our unclothed bodies great and it would be bad for us to say otherwise. (Isa 5:20)
In Genesis 3, (the Jewish Old Testament) the clothes that Adam and Eve wore was just for physical protection and for no other purpose. Their clothes would shield Adam and Eve from the thorns and thistles that God placed in the earth in v.18.
In the New Testament, we are ordered to give clothes to people who have . The distinction must be drawn between making a selection (naturism) and clothes the naked people. The individuals with whom we’re commanded to share clothes deficiency ability to make the choice. In Mark 7:20, Jesus said that it’s from the heart that our lustful, and other sinful thoughts, appear and not from outside sources.
In fact, Paul said, “these rules might seem shrewd because they demand strong devotion, humility, and severe bodily discipline. But they don’t have any effect in regards to seizing a man’s evil thoughts and desires” (Col 2:23). This implies that clothing does not have any effect as it pertains to dealing with our ideas.
In conclusion, God called the nude body good and clothes was just given to protect us against a cursed world. The Bible also says that we should thank God for what he’s given us; we do not have the power to call our bodies what He didn’t call them.
Originally, clothing was given to protect Adam and Eve from the real environment and the purpose of garments now is still to do this. Clothing doesn’t have the power to overcome our sinful lusts. Jesus Christ is the only person who can cope with our sin.
This post about The Bible and Naturism or Naturism and Nudity was released by – Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK
Genesis 2:24
Isaiah 20:1-3
John 21:7
Matthew 24:18
II Samuel 11
Genesis 9:20-27
John 13:8
II Samuel 6:9-17
Romans 14
Galatians 5:13
Isaiah 5:20
Genesis 3
Mark 7:20
Colossians 2:23
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About the Author (Author Profile)
Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Nudist Portal.

These thoughts needs to be discussed freely. Every mother concerned about “family values” should learn about the

extensive scientific research demonstrating the positive benefits of nudism for kids. Every girl concerned
about porn should understand how strongly the doctrine and practice of Naturism repudiates
of women’s bodies. Every lawmaker concerned about honoring the original intent of our nation’s creators should
know that many of them were unabashed skinnydippers. Christians concerned about preserving sexual morality
should realize that the first Church leaders accepted nudity as an all-natural section of life, and not in the least inconsistent
With all the teachings of Christ.
how relaxing and therapeutic a weekend at a nudist park might be. The mom on the beach with sand in her
swimming suit should be aware of that there are locations on the planet where she may benefit from the sensation of sunlight and water on
her body without attracting unwanted attention.
It’s my hope that this file might help you to share this great news, also to talk articulately about the
native good of the body in its natural state.
Nudity is frequently more comfortable and practical than clothes.
1. Nudity, on the other hand, is frequently substantially
more comfy.
2. For many tasks, nudity is usually a lot more practical than clothes.
“The custom of wearing a bathing suit, a desperate effort to recapture some of
our lost innocence, signifies a graphic expression of white man’s hypocrisy. For, clearly, the bathing suit is
Insignificant to any activity in and submerged. It neither keeps us dry or warm, nor can it be an aid to swimming. If of bathing is to get wet, the bathing suit does not make us wetter. At best, it really is a social attire, such as the dinner
3. Clothes also restricts motion, and encumbers the sportsman. Studies done by the West German Olympic
swim team revealed that even swimsuits slow down a swimmer.3
Naturism encourages mental health.
4. A nudist is not a body lacking something (that’s, clothing). Rather, a clothed man is a whole and
Whole naked body, plus clothes.
5. Many psychologists state that clothing is an extension of ourselves. The clothes we wear are an expression
of who we’re.4 The Naturist’s comfort with casual nudity, thus, symbolizes an attitude which is comfy
With all the self as it’s in its simplest state, without modification or deceit.
6. Studies reveal that nudism, to the other
hand, encourages a positive body self-concept.5
These effects are specifically significant for girls. Studies by Daniel DeGoede in 1984 validated research
done 16 years earlier,6 which established that “of most of the groups measured (nudist males, non-nudist men, nudist
females, and non-nudist females), the nudist females scored highest on body theory, as well as the non-nudist females
scored lowest.” 7
7. Nudism encourages wholeness of body, rather than setting aside parts of the body as unwholesome and
8. Clothes-compulsiveness locks us into a continuous battle between individualism and conformity of attire.
Nudity frees us from this anxiety, by fostering a climate of comfortable individuality without pretense.
9. The practice of nudism is, for nudists, an immensely freeing expertise. In freeing oneself to be bare in
the clear presence of others, including members of the other gender, the nudist also gives up all the societal baggage that goes
Together with the nudity taboo.
is that it delivers us briefly from the sport of clothing. It is difficult to imagine just how much clothes leads to the
Grasp of daily tensions until we see what it’s prefer to socialize without them.
unreality that prescribes sophisticated results to social status, functions and expected behaviors. In discarding our day-to-day
‘uniforms,’ we also drop a weighty burden of tensions. For a time, at least, we do not have to play the never-ending
charade of projected images we call ‘daily life.’ . . . For once in your life you are part of a scenario where age,
Profession and social status don’t really count for much. You will wind up relating more on the basis of who you
really are instead of who your clothing say you’re.” 9 This analysis is borne out by experience.
10. The feeling of “liberty” that comes from your nudist experience is consistently rated by nudists as one of
the main reasons they remain in it.10
11. An irrational clothing-compulsiveness may
inhibit psychological development and health.
Dr. Robert Henley Woody writes, “fear of revealing one’s body is a defense. To keep clothing on at all

This review of the nudit book: Co-Ed Nude Philosophy by Will Woods was published by – Young Naturists And Young Nudists America FKK

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About the Writer (Author Profile)
Author of Nudist Site. Cofounder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid read er. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. When I’m not active eating, I am writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other interesting topics. I like feedback, so plz leave a comment when you have got something to say! Bill Schroer Goes on The Record About Being Fired By AANR
and AANR Naturist Clubs Ratings And Update On The Firing Of Bill Schroer.
For people who mightn’t know, Bill was recruited by . He went through the interview procedure and then was hired by the American Association For Nude Recreation – AANR. It was during the previous administration when Susan Weaver was president of AANR. He was fired October 15 by AANR’s new president, Beverly Price.
I asked Bill how he felt about being approached and subsequently hired, last May, as their new executive director.
His response was as follows:
“I considered the job a privilege. I ‘ve been involved with naked recreation for several years and was truly honored to be given such a great chance. I ‘d also like to mention which I enjoyed working with the AANR staff who are a fantastic and committed group of people.”
Ever since the news came out about AANR firing Bill Schroer, there continues to be endless speculation and yak about what occurred. There also have been lots of personal attacks and claims about Bill that just didn’t appear to add up. So naturally, I was really happy when Bill agreed to have a sit down with me and explain once and for all his perspective about what occurred. In this post I ‘ll do my very best to explain the main issues and correct any misconceptions that I ‘ve been able to verify centered on my conversation with Bill, together with other sources from within AANR (many of whom who were reluctant to be named or go on the record).
So what actually happened? Let’s start in the day Bill’s contract with AANR was terminated.
Bill Schroer Goes On The Record About AANR
On October 15 at 8:00 in the morning, Bill was sitting by his computer in his office when recently elected president of AANR, Beverly Price, walked into the room accompanied by Julie Erlenmeyer, who’s on the Board of AANR Florida. (I presume that Beverly brought Julie in as a witness and because she works in Human Resources at a neighborhood theme park.)
Beverly turned to Bill and only said that AANR decided to terminate his employment contract – and that was that. Bill, quite shocked by her statement, didn’t put up a fight nor assert. He simply acknowledged it, collected his things, said goodbye to the staff and walked out.
Since Bill accepted what she said without any argument, I requested him to describe why. Here is what he said:
It was not until after I learned the board had not been educated. I may have responded differently had I known then what I know now.”
Since, predicated on the AANR bylaws, just the board could terminate the ED’s contract, I tried to determine why Beverly acted on her own, clearly in violation of AANR’s own rules. Since Bill had no information to supply, I had to look elsewhere to find the answer.
After some conversations with folks within / close to AANR, I started to get the feeling that Beverly, for whatever reason, simply determined that she no longer needed him there. Nevertheless, the Board had a scheduled meeting only a month away. Why not wait and present her case to the board? I simply couldn’t comprehend the rush to action, especially since that action was in clear breach of AANR’s own bylaws?
Not only did he feel that she would not have been able to get the motion passed, he went to say that based on his understanding / feeling, Beverly did not need to have to justify her actions to the board with Bill in the room.
* Bill, nonetheless refused to suppose.
Maybe realizing that she had overstepped her bounds, Beverly brought up the vote on terminating Bill’s contract five days later in an emergency telephone meeting with the Board (the motion to terminate passed 10 to 4).
This really is an indication that about 30% did not agree with her actions and were courageous enough to cast their vote in a fashion that revealed their true feelings.